Inspiring Robin quotes

encourage another to be great, and really mean it. Bookend your gig's experience with 24 hours on either side. Watch it all go. Aint it fun?

instead of telling people what you want to do, do it.

how lofty the real for which we long.
all the time scattered and spitting and scratching toward some smudge-less pane.

i think my life is empty and meaningless and i'll fill it with what i will. and i will love. 

[I pray for] clarity. the renewal of my mind in the midst of fear and sorrow. to re-boot. to begin again from a space of gratitude and blessed assurance. to live in integrity with the Divine. which means to me, to live not in competition with another, nor by superstition, but to act upon my deepest desires and to become greater than my previous self, moment by conscious moment. to choose love over fear. and to move forward from this space. and to remember and to embody all of this every time the shit hits the fan.

 i am. in tune with the one presence right now. (From this poem )

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