Key Dates

Robert John Finck is born on 7 November.
The Finck family lives in New Jersey.

1984 or 1985    
Finck becomes serious about learning how to play the guitar.

Late 80s
The Fincks have relocated to Marietta, GA. Finck is in a band
with some schoolmates and takes part in “battles of the bands”.
One of his rivals is Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes).

Finck graduates.
He devotes much of his time to his band, Sik Dik. Though not
a student he hangs around Oglethorpe University.

Finck works at the Masquerade in Atlanta. He eventually moves there.
He sees lots of up and coming acts, including Nirvana. He plays with
local bands such as Heroine and The Hookers. He also tours with
Impotent Sea Snakes.
Industrial band Nine Inch Nails is looking to hire a live guitarist.
After auditioning Finck is recruited. He joins the band “towards the
end of 1993”, he says.

Finck goes on tour with Nine Inch Nails. The band receives lots of media
attention when they appear covered in mud at Woodstock ’94, Saugerties,
NY on 13 August. While on tour Finck also takes part in other ventures,
such as a Sik Dik reunion and a Twisted Sister tribute band. He is also
credited on NIN’s Closer to God.

Finck is still on tour with Nine Inch Nails. He is credited on 2 releases
that year: Nine Inch Nails’ Further Down the Spiral and Heroine’s Virtual
Mortality. Toward the end of the year he decides to leave NIN. Sometime
between the end of the year and March 1996 he is hired by Cirque du

Quidam, the new Cirque du Soleil production, premieres in Montreal on
23 April. A lot of celebrities attend. Robin contributes to the show as
a musician. After a residency in Montreal, the show is performed in other
cities. The cast is in Santa Monica, CA, by December.

Quidam is based in California. Axl Rose attends a performance. Someone
points Robin to him. Soon afterwards Robin is jamming with Guns N’ Roses.
A few weeks later, Finck quits Cirque du Soleil and joins Guns N’ Roses.
The band starts recording a new album, reportedly working at night.

Finck’s 2 year contract with Guns N’ Roses comes to an end. He rejoins
Nine Inch Nails and goes on tour with them.  The band performs at the
VMAs in September.

Nine Inch Nails’ tour ends in June.  Finck’s return to Guns N' Roses is
confirmed by the band’s management in October.

Finck and Guns N' Roses play at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, NV.
The band also performs at Rock In Rio III. Robin plays (and sings) a
traditional Brazilian song called 'Sossego' among other solos.  The European
tour scheduled that year is cancelled.  Finck contributes to 2 soundtracks
(Ghosts of Mars and Rain)

Nine Inch Nails release a DVD as well as a live album called And All That Could
Have Been. Finck appears on both.  He also works with singer Michal Towber on
her album Coma. Guns N’ Roses embark on a tour which is marked by controversy
and riots. On 7 November the band’s Vancouver show is cancelled. Angry fans riot.
The band’s performance at the VMAs is mocked by the media.

Finck is involved in other projects, such as LedZAerial and My Birthday Party.
He launches his official website on 8 October.

Following the cancellation of Guns N’ Roses’ appearance at Rock in Rio Finck
uses his website to sympathize with fans of the band.

Finck launches a new version of his website.

Finck performs in a new version of LedZAerial. He takes part in
Quidam’s 10th anniversary celebrations.  He goes on tour with Guns N’ Roses.
Fans start to value his contributions to the band and like his new look.

Finck goes on another tour with Guns N’ Roses.  Oceansize, a band based
in Manchester, contact Finck about using some of this art for their album

On 4 April Nine Inch Nails announce Finck’s return. They release The Slip
on 5 May: Finck is credited for his “performance”. The band goes on tour.
The long awaited Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy is released on
23 November.

Finck tours with Nine Inch Nails. He joins Twitter, posting as @robinfincktwits

Cee Lo Green’s new album The Lady Killer includes a track called The Lady
Killer Theme (Outro). Finck’s guitar playing can be heard on this song.

Schecter Guitars release a limited edition called the Robin Finck Ultra.
Finck is involved in fundraising events for Pets Lifeline and also performs
with “old pal” James Hall.

Finck works with California based band Crying 4 Kafka. He also appears
as a guest guitarist at a Guns N’ Roses show in West Hollywood, CA.
He plays the song Better with them.

Finck now uses the account @robinfinck on Twitter.
He is once again part of the live incarnation of Nine Inch Nails.
He is also a guest at a couple Gary Numan shows.
2 albums featuring Finck are released this year: No One Lives OMST and Numan’s
Splinter ( Songs from a Broken Mind).

Finck tours with Nine Inch Nails.

Finck’s work on the soundtrack to survival horror game NOCT receives positive reviews.
Finck worked alongside Wordclock in order to create this soundtrack.

Most of the information here was compiled thanks to the following sites and tools:
Twitter, YouTube, Google News, MTV,,, Here Today Gone to Hell, GNR Evolution,
Guns N’ Roses Fans, My GNR and the beautiful Wayback Machine at the Web Archives.