More photo shoots!


Robin did another photoshoot, this time with Rainer Hosch who kindly shared a picture on Instagram:

2 photo shoots in less than a month and no sign of other NIN members? Am I the only one who thinks it's strange?

Though both photographers (ie Hosch and Ayola) use NIN as a tag, it doesn't necessarily mean Robin is still in the band. Perhaps NIN is only mentioned so people can place Robin, as in Robin Finck of NIN fame. Hosch also mentions GNR and we all know that Robin is no longer with them.We will have to wait for an update from the NIN camp.

Not too sure what's going on with those photoshoots. Robin does have his usual NIN look (seems he's finally found a haircut he wants to keep for longer than a few weeks, by the way) but as I say, there hasn't been any mention of the 2 other NIN members we know of.


Is it just for fun?

Does it mean that a certain solo project we have been hearing about for a long looong time is coming out this year?

Are other NIN members taking part in those photoshoots but want to keep a low profile?

Is it for another project we don't know about ... yet?

Time will tell.

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