#FlashbackFriday and one year later

Hey's it's Friday!
Christmas is just around the corner and so is, perhaps, the new Nine Inch Nails release, if we are to believe Alternative Nation. A new NIN release could brighten the end of this dreadful year which was marked by the loss of legends such as David Bowie and Leonard Cohen as well as former NIN member James Woolley.
It's just been over a year since Finckland was launched. Let's reminisce and commemorate with a little screencap of the very first article. This was on 12 December 2015:

 Robin worked on some music this year. As you all know he worked with Bill Brown on a soundtrack to a movie called Negative - you can still listen to his work here 

In recent news, Robin has been involved in making this world a better place. He took part in an  event in support of the preservation of the  Los Angeles mountain lion:

"Her most memorable stop: Topanga Canyon Charter Elementary School, which hosted a celebration in P-22's honor. Presenters included architect Clark Stevens, who designed the wildlife crossing, and archaeologist Dr. Gary Stickel, the man who inspired the Indiana Jones character.

"They had Chief Ernest Salas [of the Kizh Nation GabrieleƱo band of Mission Indians] perform a naming ceremony for P-22," Pratt-Bergstrom said. "The next day, they had a school assembly where the children made a song for P-22. One of the school kids got onstage and read a letter he wrote that said, 'Dear P-22, I am sorry that you are lonely and scared. I know how it feels, I have been there.' And it just brought me to tears."

Notable supporters of the event included Robin Finck of Guns N' Roses and Nine Inch Nails, Nick Hexum of 311, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, musician Pearl Aday and actress Ashley Scott. "Where else in the country do you have rock stars throwing a party for a mountain lion?" Pratt-Bergstrom asked. "Principle [Steven] Gediman and [wildlife advocate] Nikki Hexum and the entire community really came together there. That community really gets it — the coexistence thing. It really does take a village and Topanga really does value wildlife — and that's inspirational."

For the whole article, please click here. If you want to know more about P22, visit NWF.

Note: P22 Day took place on 19 October 2016 but this LA time article was published just a few days ago.

Thank you Robin Finck for being so inspirational. 

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