Fun stuff: Call him Whoopi....

Kennedy: Hi Wendy! What do you do in the band Danny?

Danny: I play the pan flute.

Kennedy: I see we have our little sans fear. It appears you have a pan flute in bed with you. What's your name on the end?

Robin: [?] [laughs]

Kennedy: [laughs] That's Robin. Actually Nine Inch Nails held a contest to find a new guitarist and it was the "Who's the white guy that looks the most like Whoopi Goldberg?". And Robin won automatically. [laughs].

Kennedy [to Chris]: What was your scariest moment with Trent?

Chris: [pause] Oh! The earthquake!

Kennedy: You guys where in the earthquake together?

[murmur of agreement from the band]

Chris: Yes we were!

Kennedy: Were you prepared for it?

Chris: No we weren't, we were caught in our underwear at 4:30 in the morning with no water and a jar of rotten mayonnaise in the fridge.

Kennedy: Trent, I've got a question for you. Which member of nine inch nails would you least like to have hovering over you in your sleep with ravioli breath?

Trent: Robin.

Robin: [laughs.. a lot]

Kennedy: We'll call him Whoopie for short.


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