Robin Finck and Trent Reznor Cast in the New Twin Peaks

David Lynch, David Duchovny, Naomi Watts, Eddie Vedder, Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig- Reznor... and Robin Finck are among the personnel credited on the upcoming Twin Peaks which is to be aired sometime in 2017.
Here is a picture of the cast list:

Source: Twitter  and The Verge

The Verge speculates about Robin's contribution, explaining that Lynch may be willing to include some 90s concert scenes. Perhaps, but this doesn't explain Mariqueen's involvement. One can also wonder why other NIN members do not appear in this list. We can imagine that Trent, Robin and Mariqueen created a band for this upcoming series and are going to write its soundtrack. Trent's CV already includes The Social Network, Lost Highway and Gone Girl. Robin has also worked on soundtracks, the most recent being NOCT. What if Vedder was working on the soundtrack alongside Reznor and co? Wouldn't it be awesome if Robin was to do a cameo?

It is strongly advisable to watch Penny Dreadful on 1 May:

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