Two Bird Names for A Sweet Man

The name "Finck" originally comes from Austria, meaning Robin has Germanic origins.

 As you may know, surnames were originally nicknames. Those were given to people who had the same first name in order to prevent confusion. For example, if two men were called David in the same family the nickname would help distinguish between them. "Finck" was the nickname given to a cheerful person who is forever singing. In German, "fink" means "finch".  There was no official spelling in the Middle Ages. The same word could be spelled differently. This is why you find people called Fink, Finck, Fincke, Finckl, Finncke, Finke, etc which all mean "finch".

Surely the people who misspell "Robin Finck" know that but the abundance of spellings is just too much for them!

As for "Robin", our Robin started to use it in the late 80s or early 90s. His real name is Robert. It is said he decided to be called Robin when he was in drag bands. As the name "Robin" is both masculine and feminine this is understandable.

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