if i were completely unafraid of what anybody at all thought about me,
if i could truly embody that which excites and thrills me most,
if i could let go of the need to be fueled by some distant destination, but be filled by it now,
if i were gratefully aware of all that is the truth of my being,
if my dream would just let me scream this time,

inside the skull if i no longer sat with my back towards the fun,
if i could dive headfirst into it, no longer questioning the source,
if i knew the truth were never gonna change,
if i believed in the effect it would cause,
if i could disqualify blame,

if i could tune to you and sing,
if i could dance with fear at the party,
if i would not stay stuck for straying, but celebrate. i am back.
if i would tend a heart that's waking,
if i had the patience to watch it unfold,

if i were the cause of it all,
if i were the reason and the law,
if i knew that i'd have my way,
if i could pick off where i left up,
if i were the abandoned, building.

if i were to take down the questions and start giving away answers,
if i were the speeding bullet, the local motive, and the tall buildings,
if the only place left to hide was to seek,
if i were your arms open wide,
if i were you, turning,

i'd probably say something this way:

i am. in tune with the one presence right now. we all share it. it's
important to realize the sharing part. all ways reaching. life simply is, empty and
meaningless, fulfilled by the condition of my attention. an impersonal field of
bold intuition, choice, and potential made new in each direction. the body of
my experience is made manifest to the degree that i believe it is so.
and the rest i don't have figured out juss yet...but i'm letting go all the same.
so that's done.
and now?...

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