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Today in 1995

Nine Inch Nails performed in Montreal with new bandmate Charlie Clouser who joined the live band the week before.  Charlie had already been working with the band as a programmer. He is credited on The Downward Spiral.

Setlist from this show:

- Pinion
- Mr. Self Destruct
- Sin
- March of the Pigs
- Piggy
- Reptile
- Gave Up
- Happiness in Slavery
- Eraser
- Hurt
- The Downward Spiral
- Wish
- Suck
- The Only Time
- Down In It
- Head Like a Hole
- Closer *encore*
- Dead Souls *encore*
- Something I Can Never Have *encore*

They may have performed another song during the encore.

Here is a little clip of NIN playing Gave Up a couple weeks later:

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