An old email sent by Robin to a fan regarding his setup. This was once hosted at a fan site.

hello thiago/
this is robin from, the gnr group.
i'm at home in california. will be going to the studio tonight at 9:00p, still working on about six thousandmillion tracks for the new guns record. should be finished soon-ish.
hope to be on tour by summer.
so i got your email. mariko (created the robinfinck.net site) passed it along to me many many moons ago and i'm just now responding. thank you for your enthusiasm and your forthright inquiry.
in the event that you're still interested, i'll have you know that that white/blonde les paul you were attracted to is filled with seymor duncan pick-ups. a custom in the bridge postion and an alnico pro in the neck postion. all of my les paul's are set up that way. that particular guitar is the first les paul i ever bought. actually, i never intended to play that one on stage, sometimes i record with that guitar, and take it to hotel rooms and stuff, or leave it at home. but when we arrived to brazil from u.s., the drastic change in climate warped a couple of necks on other guitars, so i had to bring that one to the show.

and that's what i know. see ya la t e rr o b i n

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