Is This A Dream?

This has got to be the best review ever written about Robin. Johnny Firecloud praises Robin's performance with Guns N' Roses like no one else before.

A third guitarist stood apart from the others both visually and sonically, effortlessly tearing through every riff and solo like a man possessed; think Jimmy Page on ecstasy. Even after Rose introduced the bearded, sunglass-wearing phenomenon by name, dressed like a cross between Jim Morrison and Chris Robinson, I still couldn’t believe I was looking at Robin Finck. Having proficiently handled axe duties for several years with Nine Inch Nails, Finck looked back then to be something out of the circus of the apocalypse, but the man played like the devil himself. Exuding a confidence no amount of posturing can imitate, he brought a searing intensity to each Guns song with impassioned intricacy and soul. His beautifully shredding five-minute solo following Better was a standout performance in a night full of highlights.

Finck was great before his apparent bohemian awakening, but this was something else entirely. He was essentially running through a gallery of world-renowned portraits and landscapes, the best of their time and sacred to many, casting his own colors and impressions onto each canvas. Somehow, blasphemy be damned, he made improvements.

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*** Some things are seriously wrong with this review! Thundercloud states the show he attended was on 17 December 2006. In  reality, no GN'R show was scheduled that day. There were shows on 15 and 16 December as well as on 19 and 20 December 2006. As Thundercloud says he attended the "the tour-closing Guns N’ Roses show in Universal City" the show he is talking about must have been on 20 December 2006. But when you compare the setlist posted by Thundercloud to the official setlist posted at other sites, there are differences. Thundercloud never mentions "Used To Love Her". This song was played at each of  the 3 GN'R shows in Universal City (17, 19 and 20 Dec. 2006). He also fails to mention that Izzy Stradlin played on "Paradise City", which is strange since he noted Izzy's guest performance on several other songs. What a headache!
It makes you wonder if this review isn't about an imaginary show.

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