Ifs and Whens

According to this source,

Stinson says that there's "a bunch" of GNR material written and still waiting to be recorded -- "some of it worthy of finishing, some of it probably not" -- in addition to 22 songs recorded during the "Chinese Democracy" process that were not included on the album.

Questions:   (in no particular order)
- On how many of those songs can you hear Robin's guitar playing? 
- Are some, if not all of those songs part of what some people call CD II?
- 22 songs represent more than 1 album. Is there any chance some can be released at some point?
- Is the band currently going through them, looking for material they can present at Coachella?
- Is the band currently recording new versions of those songs?
- Is there any song written by Robin among them?
- Have Robin's recordings been altered already? 

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