Grand Chapiteau

Nine Inch Nails settled in New Orleans at the end of nearly two years' touring in 1995. Robin found himself with nothing much to do. Some crazy things had taken place during the tour such as vomit fights, backstage enema contests and other things he didn't want to think about because it made him feel dark inside. He realized he was missing something. He was not sure what it was. He was hoping that the gods who had been so kind to him in the past would come to his rescue. So he thought hard about wanting a change. He focused on the idea of change particularly at night when he was lying in bed.

There was some gathering or some party every night. Robin enjoyed meeting people there. Fans, fellow musicians, people from different horizons. One night he started talking to a fan who casually told him about Cirque du Soleil. Robin had heard of them. They were freaks. Their conception of a show was absolutely original, never seen before. The fan told him they were looking for people for a brand new production. This sounded interesting. Robin had met circus artists before. He thought of Jim Rose and his bunch of crazies. Cirque du Soleil was not that kind of crazy, though. It was mixing traditional acts and modernity. Somehow the idea pleased him. Why not? He could give it a try.

The next day Robin followed the fan's advice. He went online and visited Cirque du Soleil's website. He had been worried it was not for him but when he read the job description he realised he ticked all their boxes. He was a professional guitar player. He now had an extensive experience playing in front of vast audiences. He could perform with other people. He could improvize. More importantly he could cope with the unexpected. He thought of the number of times Trent had thrown instruments at him, tripped him or even kicked him! If the people at Cirque du Soleil needed some convincing, they should watch the Woodstock performance! He laughed at the memory. God, what a crazy performance it had been. It would feel good to be part of something which was not chaotic. Robin picked up the telephone and called the number listed at the bottom of the web page. A woman answered. He introduced himself and answered all the questions he was asked. The woman told him to come in for an audition the following week. It was in Montreal. Robin was not worried about the plane ticket. For the first time in his life he didn't have to borrow money to attend auditions.

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