From Prowess to Sik Dik

Finck formed Prowess with other kids from George Walton Comprehensive High School, Marietta, GA. It is said they took part in school talent shows playing Iron Maiden songs among others.Prowess had become Bat Your Lashes by the time Finck graduated in 1990. They eventually changed their name to Sik Dik.

Band Members

Robert Finck (aka Robin), Gregory Thum, Steven Marshall Childress (aka Holiday Childress) and Michael Allen.
It seems it was the same people in all three bands.

Picture time

  • With Bat Your Lashes:
'The Floor'
'Exotic, Erotic (And All of the Above)'

  • With Sik Dik
'Cosmic Fuk'

Miscellaneous Information

When on stage, Bat Your Lashes were using old TV sets with cardboard on them so that the band's name read like this:

Robin was wearing skirts and makeup during his time with Bat Your Lashes. He is pictured wearing tights and underwear and hum... well, nothing else. Is it any wonder he ended up playing with a band like Impotent Sea Snakes?

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