Robin Named Among ‘3 Overlooked Guitar Gods’

If you think Frusciante is often overlooked – try asking a supposed music fan about Robin Finck. They might have seen him performing with Guns & Roses last year, or they might even have seen him play as part of industrial rock outfit Nine Inch Nails, but what they don’t know is that Robin Finck equals guitar god. He’s been by Trent Reznor’s side since 1994. The two frequently spend time apart, but they always seem to get back together – Finck just rejoined NIN for their much anticipated 2014 tour.
Axl Rose once described Finck as ‘leading one of the most different lives I’ve ever seen’ and it’s true that the guitarist seems to elude traditional stereotypes. He’s worked with some of the most rigid and controlling frontmen in the world, but he’s never been the source of animosity. He can switch from oppressive, industrial riffing to epic, sweeping Guns & Roses style solos with relative ease and he never disappoints live.
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