A Painful Chapter Ends

By A.J. Benza & Michael Lewittes

Tuesday, January 23th 1996, 1:95 am

Finish this sentence… . Rock stars sometimes: A.) win Grammy Awards; B.) blow their heads off; C.) die from **** overdoses; D.) join the circus; E.) all of the above.
The correct answer is E, thanks mainly to Nine Inch Nails’ gonzo guitarist, Robin Finck. Word from our rock groupies has it that the NIN veteran and close friend of Trent Reznor’s has bolted the band for the more serene stages of the famed Cirque Du Soleil. Why a guy would want to say au revoir to all those backstage babes for a caravan of Canadian contortionists and minstrels, we have no idea. But hey, whatever tunes his Gibson.

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